The Family
Grier Family: The Grier family is into its fourth generation as a family business. Grandfather Grier arrived in South Africa from the United Kingdom in the 1920’s. He studied at Elsenberg and started a poultry business. The second generation of Griers (Robin and Alexander Snr) took it a step further and were involved in developing County Fair, added value poultry business and planted some vineyard. The third generation (Jeff, Simon and Cathy) were more interested in what to drink with poultry and started a wine business (Villiera) in 1983.

About us
MWT Investments Pty Ltd t/a Compagniesdrift is a black empowerment business funded by the Myburgh Family Trust, Standard Bank and the Land Reform and Development Programme (LRAD) of the Department of Land Affairs.

Our Name and Wines
Piet Dreyer was a fisherman all his life. As a child, when he was about 16 years old, his father was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash and he helped his mother to support the family by catching fish over weekends and after school on a friend’s fishing boat. The sea and fishing remained his passion and he grew from ski-boat owner to freezer-vessel owner and the "kaalvoet (barefoot) skipper" on his vessel Raka became well known amongst the squid fisherman.

Fleur Du Cap Laszlo Range
This special release signature blend is a fitting tribute to Dr Julius Laszlo, the innovative, visionary Cellarmaster at The Bergkelder who catapulted South African winemaking into the international league in the 1980s.

Social Responsibility
M'Hudi Wines is a mentorship programme between the Grier family and the Rangaka family from a neighbouring vineyard. M'Hudi Wines is 100% owned by the Rangaka's with Villiera assisting with production and marketing of some of their wines.

The Terroir
When Africa, the oldest of all the continents, was formed, enormous pressure caused the southern tip to wrap, creating majestic mountain ranges that follow the coast, creating in the process a multitude of slopes and valleys.

The Wine of Origin Scheme. Cederberg Private Cellar is the only wine farm in the Cederberg ward. And do not confuse the commercial wine route system with the Wine of Origin classification system. A wine route is a commercial venture and has nothing to do with the Wine of Origin Scheme. Cederberg Private Cellar does not belong to a wine route and by law resorts under the Cederberg ward.

Villiera's Values, Vision & Mission Statement
A pioneer quality wine business admired globally for out attitude to serving customers through dedicated people...

Wine has been made at Kleine Zalze since 1695. Today, this family-owned winery, 3 km outside Stellenbosch, in the heart of the Cape Winelands, continues the tradition of producing wines of outstanding quality.

The Winery
The new winery and tasting room, built in 2010, houses the tasting room, administration and production facilities.